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    You are invited to join in LIVE to my BRAND NEW PODCAST SHOW SUNDAY 11.24.13 Sagging pants; from Big Sean to Justin Bieber or your fiance... Are you approving of it? If yes why? Are you against it and why? Twerk ; see trough dresses. Are we gone completely mad or is it all good in the world of FASHION From The Street To The Runway? I would like to get your opinion . so the phone lines will be open. Every weeks on Refresh N Style I will devote a full segment on "Model Advice;" share with you tips about modeling based on over 10 years of my personal experience managing models in NYC. I am all yours for an hour & RobinLynne my Producer told me she will kick back and relax... Let SEE. Haha :) Will there be MUSIC? Of course I will pick music I think have instant classic Style . You can email your MP3 to djameebrand@gmail.com


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