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Groove Tonight

Groove Tonight

album: Shaytech Music

genre: Jazz

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About Us Shazman

Shaytech Music was created back in 2010 by Joe Gore AKA "Shazman".

With musical influences throughout every genre he began combining multiple genres to come up with the Shaytech Sound. Shaz hails from Ohio (born and raised), after graduating high school he went into the U.S. Navy for a minute and eventually went back to Ohio after serving. Once he returned back home things were much different than when he left as the crack epidemic was in full effect and consumed a great deal of people in his neighborhood. Gang violence was on the rise as well in Ohio and there was only one way out for him. To avoid selling drugs and becoming a statistic his mother decided to send him to Michigan to live with relatives.

Fast forward 20yrs later: Shaz began to pursue a musical outlet spearheaded by his cousin who is a producer in Atlanta Georgia. It was his cousin who introduced him to the art of production and blessing him with pretty much all the equipment needed to start making beats. It wasn't easy in the beginning, it was painstakingly obvious that Shaz was a novice in every since of the word. But with true dedication and grit he became good after many failed beats. When he finally received recognition from his cousin he knew then that he was on to something and that this whole music path was worthwhile.

Shaz started duplicating beats heard on the radio, and in mainstream. In fact he could make any beat he heard without a problem as he was given the gift of playing by ear. That however is not the way he wanted to construct his production, he wanted a different sound, something that made listeners go "hmmmm", but also make them nod their head, pat their feet, and snap their fingers to a soulful sound that takes them back yet still keeps them in the now. And that my friend is the the Shaytech Sound, music that grabs your soul, beats from the mind of Shaz. He has constructed each beat to bring out that inner soulfulness that is deep inside, untouched. So when you listen to the Shaytech Sound understand that it is meant to make you think, it is meant to make you groove, It is funk, hip hop, r & b, jazz, and funk all rolled into one!! Get on board and lets ride this thing until the wheels fall off.


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